How do You Get a Divorce If You Have no Money?

The divorce process will always be known as a complicated and expensive process. If you lack the right knowledge on what happens and what to expect out from this process, chances are, you will end up shelling out more money than needed. That is why you need to know that several alternatives allow you to have still the legal representations you need for a divorce process while still saving your money from potential unnecessary costs. And for that, we provide you some guidelines you can easily follow should you want to get into a divorce when you have little to no money.

Do Your Research

There are states with a legal aid society that offer services to those parties who have little to no financial means to pay for legal representations, and this includes pro-bono lawyers. They can also help you file all the pertinent divorce papers and other forms of legal assistance.

There are also services made available at the courthouse that help you prepare your pertinent divorce papers with little to no cost, too. Do your research about such services in your state by going to the nearest local courthouse or municipal building and know what legal services they can provide you at a free or low charge. Who knows? Your state might be offering an indigent divorce or fee waiver procedures that enable you to get a divorce process, and the courthouse will waive all costs that will incur during your divorce process.

Seek Free Consultation Services

You may not have heard about it, but yes, some lawyers offer free consultation services. They can guide you with professional and expert advice regarding your situation and provide you various options to resolve your case free of charge and without needing to have them represent you in court. However, this does not mean that you also lose the option of hiring them for legal representation if your case goes to trial because you still can.

While hiring them may still require you to shell out money, you have actually saved from what little money you have. You see, the divorce process is not just about getting into court. Before that happens, there are many papers and documents you need to file. And this would have been charged if the lawyers who represented you in court would have represented you in the other parts of your divorce process. 

Provide a Proof

To have your divorce fees waives successfully, you need to provide proof that will show that you are indeed not financially capable. Such proof includes your proof of income, assets, debts, and even tax returns. Fortunately, you are required to provide any evidence of your financial standings since the court would always ask financial disclosure when filing for divorce.

Negotiate With Your Spouse

If you are in a situation wherein you can still communicate with your spouse amicably, consider getting in an agreement with your spouse. When both of you agree to agree and compromise, the possible financial burden you will experience during the divorce process will potentially be more manageable. Unfortunately, this tip does not apply to a contested divorce, or when spouses are both in disagreement with each other.  

Additional Tips

You might be overwhelmed with the tips you have read just to get a divorce with little to no money. Now, here are some tips that can help you gain a better mindset and perspective upon getting into the divorce process even if your finances are putting you at a tight spot.

1. Don’t Worry; Stay Focused

Finally, you decided to call it quits with your spouse, but the next thing you are worrying now is where to get the money for the entire divorce process. This is the time when you should stop yourself from worrying and stay focused on the bigger picture. Worrying is a waste of time that you could have spent in creating plans on how you can still push through with your divorce with little to no money.

2. Determine What Your Next Steps Are

Now with a less distracted and more focused mind, you can then easily assess what your next steps should be. Simply start by analyzing the currents situation you are in now, where you live, what you would need to bring if you leave, and what are the resources you have at your disposal. Next, search across the internet sites that provide help and support for spouses like you who are struggling financially.

3. Craft a Plan

If you intend to separate from your spouse without financial means, having a plan set in place is crucial. Don’t just jump into the divorce process mindlessly without a plan in mind because you are only setting yourself up for failure. So, plan! Plan how you can sustain yourself and build your support network throughout the grueling process of divorce.

4. Have Courage; Take a Leap of Faith

Even if you have all the money in the world, but if you don’t dare to leave your spouse even when there are already red flags waving at you, your fortune will serve you no purpose. If you have no money as of the moment, the only wealth that you should cling into is your knowledge. Now that you know that there are possible ways on how you can get a divorce with little to no money, you can easily build your confidence and the courage to survive what could be the most life-changing events of your life.

There is no easy way out when going through a divorce, but we hope the guidelines provided above have made your divorce process more manageable.

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