What’s The Cheapest Way to Get Divorced?

What’s The Cheapest Way to Get Divorced?

Divorce can drain you emotionally and mentally. Somehow, it would be a relief if you and your spouse can get separated in the cheapest way possible. It would be risky to lose a relationship and waste a lot of money at the same time during the divorce process. 

In a practical scenario, divorce applications and proceedings cannot be done for free. You must pay at the very minimum. There is no need to be sour about it. Here are ways to end your relationship and start anew at a minimal expense.

Online divorce application

Ease up the process by filing your divorce online. Check your state’s website if e-filing is available. Fill out proper divorce application forms then submit them to the court. Make sure your partner will do the same so you can have a mutual agreement on the whole process. That’s how fast, simple, and cheap online divorce application is. Your only expense will be the court fees. 

Uncontested or mediatory divorce

An uncontested divorce allows you to communicate “civilly” to your ex-spouse. You agree to NOT agree on some issues leading to long trials and discussions. Streamlined court procedures can help couples save time and money. Somehow, you and your partner should reach an agreement on the financial terms and division of assets before the case goes to court. The best thing about a mediatory divorce is you can do it even without the assistance of a lawyer. 

Meditated divorce

If you and your spouse find it hard to reach a conclusion and simply cannot agree on your divorce issues, consider hiring a mediator before going to court. You can take advantage of mediation when you don’t want to spend on attorney and court fees. A mediator provides divorce services such as helping you divide your responsibility and assets without the need to go to trials.

Collaborative divorce

Collaborative divorce is when both parties decide to seek help from a lawyer to negotiate an acceptable agreement without going to trial. Again, this could save you from court expenses. You and your partner each hire a collaborative attorney who is well-equipped in divorce advice and settlements without reaching the court. Separation issues can typically be resolved in four to six group sessions that vary in duration. In typical legal settings, the faster the process means the lesser money you will spend. Hence, a collaborative divorce can be extremely helpful.

The Takeaway

Getting divorced is hard on your finances. It is merely getting involved in an expensive affair. But divorces don’t necessarily have to be costly. The procedures can be done at a low expense if the matter is conducted efficiently. The aim is to minimize professional services and avoid any court fees. You just have to make sure that both you and your spouse are willing to work together to make the process easier and more attainable. Follow the steps above to get a divorce in the cheapest way possible.