Do Divorce Lawyers do Free Consultation

Do Divorce Lawyers do Free Consultation?

Looking for the best family law lawyer for your case can be challenging as the divorce itself. Among the areas that make it challenging is the financial burden that comes with the divorce process. Luckily, there already family lawyers, both reputable and affordable, who provide free consultation services. Get to know more of this in this article.

Free Consultation Services: What Happens?

In a typical divorce process, family law lawyers would often charge you by a flat fee or by the hour. But if you are simply seeking for an initial consultation and finding the right lawyer who can fit and answer your needs, there are some divorce lawyers now offer an initial consultation free of charge. Providing such services will also benefit lawyers, especially if they want to determine whether your case is also a right match for them, too.  

Areas Covered by Free Family Lawyers

Family lawyers who offer free such services would often provide free consultation on general family law questions as well as wills and estates. Anything more would already require legal fees.

What You Need to Know Before Availing a Free Consultation 

When seeking any type of consultation, there are certain information and details that you need to know beforehand so that you can answer any crucial questions that will be asked of you later on. In the case of seeking divorce consultation, here are the basic details you need to secure availing a free consultation from a family lawyer:

Assets and Liabilities 

Take a list that contains the assets and liabilities that you and your spouse made throughout your marriage. Knowing and providing this information could give the lawyer a clear picture as to what you and your partner are fighting over. This list may contain basic and brief details of your cash on hand, bank accounts, income, vehicles, real estate, investments, and even your pets. And of course, do not miss out on detailing out your debts.

Providing such details also allows lawyers to foresee possible issues that you will also find the need to settle soon. Such instances would include when you will be required to pay for child support or alimony or when you will be on the receiving end.

The Nitty-Gritty Details of Your Marriage

During a free consultation, the lawyer will discuss in detail your divorce and all of its details. Even if there is no assurance that you will work with the lawyer who provides you free consultations, it is still crucial to get personal with them so they can provide the most accurate and fit consultation for your case. Do not worry about getting personal because everything that you will disclose to the lawyer will be treated with confidentiality, even if they are only providing free consultation services.

After providing essential details regarding your situation, they can give you advice and insights as to how your case might go and the possible points on how they can assist you further. They will also remind you of your rights that you may or may not be aware of. 

After Availing Free Consultation Services—Now What?

Once you are satisfied with the free consultation you receive from the lawyer, you have the option to proceed and avail more of their services but now with legal fees. You will then be given an insight into the possible ideal outcomes of your situation, and you will also be given a list of costs and the corresponding fees so you can achieve the solution to your predicament. Furthermore, they will also provide you various options on how to take action on your situation legally.