How to Get Free Family Law Advice

How to Get Free Family Law Advice

Family law is a legal practice area that focuses on issues involving family relationships, such as adoption, divorce, and child custody. Legal aid commissions deliver a wide range of services in handling these family issues. Most services are offered by private legal practitioners from different states and territories. But legal assistance for family law disputes can also be availed for free by vulnerable members of the community. General services can be provided, including information and simple advice about family law. To be eligible for free legal assistance, you must satisfy the means and merits tests, and meet the relevant legal aid commission’s guidelines. 

Getting Free Legal Aid

Some charities or volunteer lawyers might be able to help you if you can’t pay for legal aid. Here are detailed descriptions of how to get free advice on family law.

Find Community Legal Centres

Community Legal Centres are independent, non-profit, and community-based organizations. They provide free legal advice and information to local communities. These legal centers help vulnerable people in society and those with special needs. They provide assistance to all types of family law matters and issues, involving family violence allegations. CLCs can be searched on the National Association of Community Legal Centres website. You may find a legal center closest to your location and set appointments in the most convenient way. 

Ask Family Law Specialists

Accredited family law specialists can provide free information and advice about family legal matters. Some are independent practitioners while most of them belong to law societies and bar associations. You may check a list of State and Territory legal practitioners in the Family Law Section of the Law of Council of Australia. From that list, you can search the specialist family lawyer in your area that mostly suit your needs.   

Seek for Indigenous Legal Assistance Program

The Indigenous Legal Assistance program funds organizations to deliver legal assistance services to indigenous Australians. They ensure that locals receive the appropriate help in overcoming their legal problems and in fully exercising their legal rights. There are various indigenous organizations that are funded under the legal assistance program which are situated in urban, rural, and remote areas. Some of them are the Aboriginal Family Services, Victorian Aboriginal Co-operative, Central Australian Legal Aid Services, and many more. You may contact the nearest information center in your area to get a full idea of these organizations.

Get Aid from FRAL

Family Relationships Advice Line (FRAL), can help you organize your own legal representation easily. They can refer you to a service that can provide free legal advice and information about family relationship issues and family law proceedings. FRAL’s hotline is 1800 050 321 (local) and +61 7 3423 6878 (overseas). 

Family Law is a complex field with every case differing in its needs. And it is necessary to obtain legal advice to help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities. The National Council seeks legal rights to be exercised equally by different sectors of society. This is visible through existing law societies in your state and territory that help resolve family issues through appropriate mediation and negotiation. 

A family law consultation is important even if you are not experiencing serious trouble in your family relationships right now. And in knowing the legal proceedings, it is always best to look for free or low-cost options.